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Fendi Fall Winter 2023 - AnyTime Dress

Fendi Fall Winter 2023

Fendi takes center stage as the cool autumn breeze blows into the fashion city, revealing its Fall/Winter 2023 collection—a captivating symphony of luxury and style. The well-known Italian design business has won hearts and minds all over again by skillfully fusing innovation and tradition to produce a collection that personifies classic elegance.

Fendi Brand:

The brand Fendi, renowned for its renowned fur, leather, and high-end handbags, has proven once more how important corporate style is. The Milan Autumn/Winter 2023 show this morning included the range of Ready-to-Wear pieces that are perfect for working women and other occasions.


Fendi Brand
Fendi Fall Winter 2023

The models entered the stage wearing leather boots that protruded from flowing textiles, and the entire scene was surrounded by a geometric light tunnel at the start of the performance.

Kim Jones

Kim Jones, the artistic director, showcased a variety of styles that effectively piled blue on black and emphasized neutral gray tones contrasted with leather to create eye-catching appearances. The presentation was mostly composed of neutrals; bright colors didn't appear until much later, when the fuchsia and orange silky draping garments came to an end. Jones also played with asymmetrical cuts and contrasted masculine and feminine forms.

The kaleidoscope tunnel displayed a shift in color from taupes and blues to pinks and oranges, resulting in a mood that complemented modern fashions.

Kim Jones
Kim Jones

If each look in the show didn't have a matching handbag to counterbalance it, it wouldn't be a true testament to Fendi's influence. Silvia Venturini Fendi's accessories, which connected the outfits for the on-the-go, were meticulously fashioned to meet the show's format. The line embodied the idea of strong ladies going out on the town or into work and never forgetting to carry their Fendi baguette.

The floor-length trenches, high necklines, and collared blouses exhibited Fendi's signature modesty. The presentation was stolen by House Fendi's opulent aesthetic, which is typified by its Italian leather workmanship, striking contrasts in materials and textures, and contemporary trends like layers of skirts worn over slacks. 

Each model's hairstyle—either side-swept, slicked-down, or cropped—accentuated the clothing when viewed from the face. That's not to say that the Fendi earrings, which were prominently displayed, went ignored, since they were fashioned by Delfina Delettrez. Subtle references to the design house in the accessories countered the absence of Fendi branding and prints in the garments of the 2023 collection. However, the bags and belts spoke for the company when it came to announcements.

We're thrilled that Fendi's efforts, which are based on the future of luxury and sustainable fashion, were extended on the runway. 

Delettrez Fendi

Not a perfect sweep for him: From the beginning, Kim Jones was aware of all the wealth available to him at Fendi: the impressive ateliers; the astounding archive featuring 54 years of fur and ready-to-wear design by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld; and a select group of extremely fashionable ladies descended from the aristocratic Roman family that founded the brand. 

Delettrez Fendi
Delettrez Fendi

Perhaps the most stylish of them all is Delfina Delettrez Fendi, who can access her stylish mother Silvia Venturini Fendi's closet and effortlessly mixes everything. She was, incidentally, one of the "professionals" featured on Vanity Fair's 2016 International Best Dressed List.

Jones still wears the brown and light blue ensemble Delettrez Fendi wore on his first day at Fendi; she informed him it was from a store in Rome that sells clothing for nuns. For Fendi's autumn show, the British designer brought back that color combination, giving tony Italian style an off-kilter zing inspired by punk culture.

Jones described Delettrez Fendi as a "sophisticated working mother who lives her life, and enjoys life," but he might have also been referring to the Fendi client. He continued, "She inspires me and I love her as a person."

Once more, he might have been speaking about the client: the designer closely monitors sales, so he concentrated on the knitwear, dresses, and tailoring categories, adhering to long, lean silhouettes broken up here and there by slashes and straps that resemble harnesses.

Color-blocked intarsia knits, inspired by two Lagerfeld collections (1981 and 1996), were periodically embellished by Jones with coiling rows of snap closures.

A few themes from Jones's spring 2023 haute couture collection for Fendi were also referenced, such as the body-skimming silhouettes, the lingerie details, and the fluttering capes, which were worn here on the shoulders of black satin dresses with plunging necklines and flowing fronts.

He brought back his sequin-lined cashmere couture coats. The rtw models were just as enticing, but you could probably take a few zeros off the price.

Whether they were made of gray flannel, off-white sheepskin, or caramel-colored Persian lamb, all of his slender coats made a bold statement.

Like the clothing, the set was simple: a tunnel of light evoking memories of a riveting 2009 John Galliano show.

The collection was a team effort, as always. Venturini Fendi, creative director of menswear and accessories lines, unveiled the Multi bag, a novel shape-shifting accessory that uses a system of magnets to change from a bucket shape to a shopper tote.

As for the double-F emblem that Lagerfeld had doodled back in 1967, Delettrez Fendi, in her capacity as jewelry design director, saw it as a metallic device that fits around the ear.

Haute Couture

Kim Jones, who carefully monitors what sells from each of his Fendi lines and personally thanks each customer, is well aware that haute couture is a client-focused endeavor.

Haute Couture

Because of this, even though the late Karl Lagerfeld first introduced the Roman design house to the world of haute couture back in 2015, dresses that are elegant and simple to wear have been the mainstay of previous shows.

Jones' autumn 2023 collection included a few fur coats, but they were more like cozy bathrobes you could wrap around yourself than statement pieces. This was accomplished by tufting repurposed fox and feathers in alternate rows or mounting shearling with feathers on organza.

Jones also considers the fashionable ladies in his inner circle, including his co-conspirator for Fendi couture, Delfina Delettrez Fendi, and his amazing friends, Donatella Versace, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell, all of whom were present at the show on Thursday. It's difficult to top this as an unofficial focus group of glitzy women with hectic social schedules.

Jones made the decision to use Delettrez's most recent line of opulent jewelry, known as the "Fendi Triptych" and consisting of roughly thirty pieces, as the basis for his autumnal collection. The collection featured earthy and jewel tones and featured embellishments like stray sparkles, intricate embroidery with the finest metal chains, and sexier "naked" dresses with jeweled necklines integrated right in.

One of the main themes of Paris Couture Week is simplicity, since many designers are favoring austere shapes that require the fewest number of seams feasible. Jones belongs to the group. Behind the scenes, he remarked, "I'm looking at what people want; I have to think about what the world is now."

Seeing how successfully his draped dresses from the previous season sold, Jones went crazy with meaty satin and liquid jersey, resulting in designs that were softly whorled and semi-caped. Knit corsets frequently defined the waist and occasionally evolved into tiny minidresses that resembled bandages.

Athletic Attire

"Nearly athletic attire," Jones thought. "There are many varieties of couture, and I value them all. However, mine is largely based on reality and how the wearer feels about herself when heading to an occasion—something classy, sophisticated, and comfortable to wear.


In conclusion, To sum up, Fendi's Fall/Winter 2023 collection is a masterwork of refinement, artistry, and environmental consciousness. As we negotiate the cool embrace of the forthcoming season, Fendi invites us to wrap ourselves in the warmth of timeless elegance, all while keeping a strong eye on the future and giving an homage to the past.

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