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The Ultimate Winter Coat Guide - AnyTime Dress

Winter Coat Guide

Yes, it's finally warm enough to wear coats. Now that the temperature has finally dropped below freezing, I adore a good coat even if I detest being cold. I think it's fair to say that I'm a little bit of an obsession.

I have a variety of outfits, from traditional ones like a black wool trench and camel essentials to more crazy ones like my faux fur leopard and hunter green one.

Winter Coat Guide
Winter Coat Guide

However, I also appear to have almost everything in between, including cobalt blue for a flash of colour, tartan for the holidays, and more. It's ironic that despite living in the South, I have so many. However, it gets really cold!

In any case, I prefer to have choices. Is there anyone else who feels that way? That's probably the reason I have twenty different white t-shirts.But having a fantastic assortment of coats may also be enjoyable, as wearing a fun coat can help make gloomy weather feel a little more interesting.

There are certain things that I really believe every person should have, such as a decent down jacket for those incredibly chilly days. Also, it's a fantastic coat for the office and for wearing with dressier attire. From there, you can add other colourful or printed coats to offer some variation to the ensemble.


Ultimate Winter Coat Guide: The Best Coats For Winter

This is your go-to resource for winter jackets if you need to get some new ones. Wear these fantastic coats for any event or weather to be warm and fashionable this season.

Traditional Black Coat with Wool Blend 

Let's keep things easy at first because, in my opinion, any outfit should be topped off with a brown or black coat. It's what this Hadley coat from the Gal Meets Glam Collection does. I've paired it with sneakers and jeans, as well as jeans and stylish stilettos right now. However, this will be superior to everything and everything. Ideal for those holiday party ensembles as well.

I usually advise spending a little bit extra on a quality black coat rather than going for a less expensive one because it will last you for many years. 

Classic Camel Coat

Without a timeless camel coat, no closet is complete. Select your preferred silhouette and make an investment in a high-quality camel replica. I adore this camel coat from Mango (right) and Ann Taylor (left), which have a timeless design that will last me for many years. Both of them complement everything.

Camel Coat
Buy Camel Coat 

When looking for a traditional camel coat, pick something that complements your wardrobe and personal style from the cream, brown, and camel families. These coats are fantastic since you can wear them to the office, out for dinner with friends, or just doing errands. It really is a need!

How to Style a Camel Coat: 

The camel coat can be dressed for any occasion, whether you're going to the office, going to a formal event, or having brunch on the weekend. For a polished business look, wear it with fitted pants and a clean white shirt. Alternatively, wear it with jeans and a cosy jumper for a sophisticated yet laid-back vibe. To give your look a unique flair, accessorise with a chic scarf or a timeless pair of spectacles.

The Faux Fur Coat That I Completely Lost My Mind Over

The faux fur coat is absolutely new, and I genuinely adore it. I wrote a whole piece about how much I'm liking these faux fur jackets here. These appeal to me for several reasons.


They give off an air of luxury without breaking the bank. For holiday events, you can also wear these as the focal point of your ensemble. I also adored this one from the previous year. To make the most of your clothing, wear colours and prints that you enjoy. And to be honest, don't overpay for them. I think $150 is a very reasonable maximum.

Winter Puffy Coat: The Complete Guide to Winter Coats

I think a thick coat is a definite must. They are really cosy, toasty, and warm. I've been living in my J. Crew puffer (new updated version) that I purchased years ago. The best financial decision ever.

I wear it all the time when I walk Pork in the winter. And every time I travel up north to colder climates, this is my go-to jacket. Purchasing a high-quality down fill coat that can endure wind and keep you warm is something I strongly advise. You might not stay as warm if you spend less money!

However, if you'd rather something more stylish and enjoyable, there are plenty of reasonably priced solutions that might liven up your wintertime blahs. This H&M gold puffer is incredibly fun and cosy. I love the oversized fit. You can also see my cosy and eco-friendly Everlane puffy coat here!

Ideas for printed winter coat ensembles

Which print and what colour you choose are irrelevant for this category. However, I believe it's enjoyable to spend money on a coat in your preferred colour. How come? Well, if it's in a colour you enjoy and have in your wardrobe, you probably won't grow tired of it.

That's typically hunter green, navy, or pink for me. But leopard is always the winner when it comes to prints. It goes well with a lot of things in my closet and is a colour I can buy with confidence.

I would advise against wearing a colour that's in right now just because you enjoy it that way. That was a mistake I've made in the past, and those coats never survived past a season.

A few classic colors that look great in the winter are red (seriously can not go wrong with a red coat) or cobalt blue. They’re just really great pops of colors that work for winter.

Winter parka outfit

A quality parka is another requirement, especially for that temperature in between just cold and frigid as hell. A parka's main advantages are its water resistance, hood, and frequently its imitation fur. They work wonderfully in the winter's transitional weather. They normally tighten in the waist, therefore I also believe they're generally rather attractive.

Oversized jacket with quilting

For fall and winter, the enormous quilted jacket has become a major fashion statement. This jacket gained popularity thanks to The Frankie Shop, and it is now available at a wide range of stores in a variety of colours and price ranges.

Here's a style guide for an enormous quilted jacket. They work well for layering and are ideal for days with inconsistent weather.

Affordably light coat - The Ultimate Guide to Winter Coats

A quality menswear coat is typically plaid in some form and double-breasted. It doesn't always have to be double-breasted, but often, you get the impression that it's a coat a guy would wear to work. I cherish them.

Affordably light coat
Buy Affordably Light Coat

I believe it looks fantastic how they are contrasted with a feminine ensemble. Alternatively, they give a casual ensemble of jeans, trainers and a jumper a manly vibe. If you ask me, it has a very street-style stylish vibe. These look excellent worn casually on the weekends or dressed up to go to work.

Other Important Coats To Purchase

Additionally, new styles seem to be emerging every autumn and winter, or at least there seem to be more possibilities among them. Even though I personally love all of these jackets, there are a few more designs to take into account.

Consider a super-cozy, quilted barn jacket. Versions that are clipped and lengthier are available. Also very in right now is the big jacket with quilting. or perhaps a shearling-lined leather jacket or trench.

Affordable winter coats may be found at several of my favourite stores, like Abercrombie & Fitch, Mango, and H&M. Though you can find some jewels in there that will be toasty, these are probably not going to be the warmest! I also enjoy shopping at J. Crew, Bernardo, and other designer companies for better-quality outerwear.

If you plan to spend a lot of time outside in the winter, make sure your winter coat is warm, well-made, and an investment in classic pieces. You'll have these for years to come!

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