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Custom Designed Engagement Ring

When you choose to custom produce an engagement ring for the bone you love, you're creating a one- of-a-kind, completely unique design.

- The ring will be fully individual to the bone you love.
- Your ring will be unique and a discussion starter for times to come.
- You'll be suitable to design a coordinating marriage band that impeccably complements the engagement ring and beautifully symbolizes your marriage promises.
still, there are some trade- offs to custom- creating an engagement ring or marriage set.

Zales engagement rings
Zales engagement rings

- You can anticipate to pay further than with anon-custom engagement ring.
- Your ring may take a little longer to admit – generally three to six weeks, not including shipping time
- You won’t be suitable to see, touch or feel the ring until it’s done.

Customs designs for Rings

Step 1

Choose the shape, carat size and quality of your diamond center gravestone. Grounded on the parameters you choose, including diamond cut, carat size and clarity, our professional jewelers will elect the perfect diamond for your ring. Using Design Suite, you can elect a diamond center gravestone from 1/4ct. to 2 cts. in weight.

Step 2

Eect your ring head, the essence frame that sets the diamond into place. This is also known as the setting. Does she love the romantic look of a halo, the classic look of a point setting or does she prefer a sophisticated bezel- set head? 

Zales engagement rings
Zales engagement rings

Make your choice and farther customize thelook.However, you can elect from white diamonds, black diamonds or bright blue sapphires as accentuation monuments, If she likes the look of a halo or pave monuments along the point.

Step 3

Mounting selection is coming. 

Step 4

 The monuments can be set along the band half, three- diggings way, or fully encircle the band, as you ask .

Step 5

Side settings created without diamonds or sapphires along the cutter allow for the addition of sculpturing as an accentuation. sculpturing gives the cutter a dimensional, sculptural look. Choose from several different figure styles or conclude for none at all!

Step 6

Choose your essence type and color.

Step 7

Finish your ring with a custom drawing. This step is voluntary, but it conveys a loving, particular touch to your custom design.

Step 8

Take it a step further and produce a coordinating marriage band to round the engagement ring and produce a custom marriage set. This step is voluntary and the way to creating the marriage band are analogous to creating the engagement ring.

Step 9

You and your mate or fiancĂ© can produce custom aesthetics together, discovering all the numerous indispensable design rudiments your unique ring can have. When you're ready to take that coming step, your custom designs will be staying for you. Simply click to buy, and your custom engagement ring will be created and packed to you in a many short weeks. Bring your unique vision to life online using the interactive Design Suite tool You ’ll be surprised and pleased at the custom looks you can fluently produce 

Zales produce Your Own Ring Services

Zales has been known as The Diamond Store for nearly 100 times – and for good reason. Should you choose to produce a custom- designed ring, we are then to help both online and in stores. Zales custom rings and Zales substantiated rings are a great option for that someone special.

Zales engagement rings

The Zales produce Your Own program online allows you to choose your ring beginning with the diamond This option is perfect for those familiar with the 4Cs and are comfortable opting their own diamond from our multifariousness of over 18,000 loose diamonds. From there, you can move on to the settings with all the options you ask .

Our produce Your Own program online allows you to choose your ring style and essence. You can also buy a diamond from our selection of loose monuments or buy the setting alone.

The Zales Design Suite is the perfect option for those who may be less comfortable with choosing a diamond. By entering a many simple parameters, like shape, carat size and quality, our Master Jewelers will elect the perfect diamond for you. They will also set the diamond in the setting you choose with the options you prefer.

The new Vera Wang Love Custom engagement ring developer helps you make a substantiated engagement ring from launch to finish. also, you choose a center setting and mounting style. From there, you can decide if you would like 14K or platinum for the essence type. With the Vera Wang Love Custom ring developer, there are dozens of options for personalization.

Occasionally seeing your options in person is the stylish way to find the perfect ring. Visit your original Zales retail store and work with a jewelry adviser to produce a custom design. Using our software program, you'll be suitable to see the ring come to life before your eyes. You can leave with a published picture of your ring design.

We've everything you need to know about chancing the perfect engagement ring in our Engagement Ring Buying Guide. Whichever way you choose, a custom engagement ring design is just a many way down!

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