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Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Contrivers Names include HSY, Nomi Ansari, Deepak Perwani, Agha Noor, Faraz Manan, Sania Masakatiya, and Maryum N Maria. When it comes to making the bridegroom feel like a queen, each of these developer brands has a better dress in their matrimonial dresses collection than you can wish for.

Matrimonial Terms and Conditions

All Espousals and dances are made to order.
dances making time is approx 6- 8 weeks after evidence of order.
Espousals making time is approx 8- 12 weeks after evidence of order.
International shipping is subject to charges depending upon weight and destination.
For placing your order please communicate atorders.

original deposit payment is 50 for guests paying at the shop while the remaining quantum can be paid when the outfit is ready for pick up. Please note that we bear full payment for ONLINE ORDERS.
Changes to the original named design will be entertained within the first two days of order.

We presently operate on a NO REFUND & EXCHANGE POLICY.
The quoted price is subject to increase if the size is bigger than small.
All guests- by paying deposit are clinging to these Terms and Conditions. It's your responsibility to read these terms and conditions before going ahead.

Shop Top developer Bridal Dresses Only At LAAM

Wedding day is surely a veritably special day and it's the biggest event for both the bridegroom and the bachelor and every bridegroom dreams to look her stylish on her big day. And as much as this day holds a special place in everyone’s life, the matrimonial dress also carries a certain significance. Every girl wishes to wear the dress of her dreams and every bridegroom’s preferences differ according to her style, culture, taste, and budget. You can conclude for a matrimonial dress that's extremely traditional and classic and preserves the substance of our age-old traditions or you could go for commodity contemporary and ultramodern.

Pakistani Matrimonial Dresses

One thing is for sure that Pakistani matrimonial dresses are in a league of their own and our couture assiduity is world- famed with talented contrivers like Fahad Hussayn, Ali Xeeshan, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, and numerous further that noway fails to deliver. The true substance of a Pakistani matrimonial dress is its unique embroidery designs, hand embellishments, and classic cuts. Although a red-golden exaggerated lehnga choli might be the most regal choice for your big day. You can also play around with colors, cuts, and outlines as well. One of the go- to choice for barat day is the double dupatta style that gives the royal look to the bridegroom.

Shop By Event

According to oursub-continent marriage traditions, there are colorfulpre-wedding events including sangeet, dholki, matrimonial shower, engagement, mehndi, baraat, and eventually walima and for each event, there's a specific theme which a bridegroom follows. For illustration for dholkis and sangeet bridegroom opts for commodity minimalistic and simple so that she can save the drama for the main day. Misters generally go a simple shalwar kameez in the tinges of orange, green, red, and unheroic with gota and zari detailing. For baraat misters go for a regal red dress, the red dress with golden embroidery and embellishments is quaint and isn't going anywhere and for walimas misters generally go for commodity ultramodern in contemporary designs following a soft and light color palette. You can protect all these aesthetics and all kinds of Pakistani marriage dresses from top contrivers for each marriage event at LAAM. Open for more latest designs.

Shop By Style

There are a hundred different styles you can go for on your marriage day. You can either stick to the classic as matrimonial dresses for baraat especially are made on the outlines of classic and traditional taste but you can also mix it up play around with further royal and ultramodern cuts aswell.However, you can go for a rotation- good pishwas, Anarkali dress, If you want to gutter the traditional lehenga choli style on your marriage day. We love the trend of wearing a pishwas with lehnga or sharara on the main day, this adds an redundant element of drama to the whole look and looks extremely graceful and classic. For nikkah misters substantially conclude for a gharara style with an ankle- length shirt and dupatta or a kalidaar.

Shop By Budget

When shopping for a marriage dress does n’t mean you ’ve to go all out and break the bank. You can get the dress of your dreams under your budget as well and LAAM makes sure that you ’re looking your stylish on your big day. You can look for a shop by the budget sludge in our marriage store order and look for the dresses that you like that lays under your budget. Despite that LAAM also offers the biggest abatements on couture outfits in their exclusive deals.

Shop By developer

Although we love every Pakistani developer’s work but some contrivers have made their way and set an illustration in the couture world. Fahad Hussayn and Ali Xeeshan are old players of the fashion world and have been presenting us with mind- blowing designs each time. Their designs are perfect for an redundant bridegroom who wants to catch everyone’s attention during her big day. also Hussain Rehar and Zamanay’s ultramodern designs are perfect matrimonial shower dresses. For mehndi and sangeet dress you can go for the various and traditional collections of Farah Talib Aziz and Ansab Jahangir.

Matrimonial Couture

Although we enjoy all kinds of shopping but we've a special thing for marriage shopping, the traditional outlines, the intricate exaggerations, the exquisite ada work everything catches our eye about it and our Pakistani contrivers know how to ace the matrimonial couture with their hand designs while still conserving the quaint charm of our marriage vesture. Different contrivers are known for their different fortes for illustration Ali Xeeshan brings drama, Fahad Hussayn is known for his cultural faculty, Hussain Rehar for his contemporary twist, Faiza Saqlain for her classical ensembles and Zara Shahjahan for her love for quaint cham, we love each and every one of them and eagerly stay for their collections.

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