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Pakistani designers dress | Winter Collection

Shalwar Kameez or Kurta Pajama and Sari is public dress of Pakistan and is worn by men and women in all Five businesses Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa And Gilgit.

Asim Jofa is the stylish and best known Pakistani fashion developer in the fashion assiduity. Asim Jofa is a person who started his calling by continuing the heritage of his precursor, who was in the earth trade at the time. 

Top Designer Dresses

A dress design is an arrangement of rudiments of design and principles of art like lines, shape, colors, form, fabric, texture, balance, proportion, meter and emphasis that produce a visual image. 

Zaaviay Online Clothing Store

Fatima envisaged Zaaviay which is one of the Stylish Women Clothing Brands in Pakistan, an affordable Women Luxury Brand that embodies fineness, availability and unique perspectives. Zaaviay is inspired by Pakistan's art, culture, artificer and inclusivity. Zaaviay Online Clothing Store. Luxury Pakistani developer Brand. Shop, marriage, Matrimonial Dresses, Formal Suits and Unstitched developer Pakistani Clothes.

Ammara Khan 

Ammara Khan is a luxury fashion house defined by dateless complication, glamour and fineness. Enchant. We are now offering Stitching Services on our rearmost Downtime'22 Unstitched Collection “ Khush Amdeed ”. Good News for our transnational guests!

Rafia Khas Collections

Explore our Rafia Khas Pakistani developer Clothes Collection We offer Luxury Rafia Khas Pakistani developer Clothing for Women. Try luxury apparel for women where you'll find sophisticated and graceful dresses. They aren't too heavy like formal dresses nor are they too.

Pakistani Famous Suits 

 Pakistani suits come in different style and fabric but what stands out is the Field suits from Pakistan. The quality of the fabric is airy, light- weight, smooth- textured that makes it ideal for all the seasons but substantially preferred for summers. 

Fashion Trend In Pakistan

 In Pakistan, silk Kurtis has come the rearmost fashion trend. The dresses are perfect for formal andsemi-formal occasions and everyday wear and tear. also, they've an exquisite appearance and are extremely comfortable to wear. 

Salwar Kameez 

 It's made up of a kurta or kameez and a straight cut salwar. In some corridor of the Punjab region, men also wear the Punjabi suit. 

 Ladies Wear Shorts In Pakistan 

 You should avoid wearing films, tight covers, trousers, leggings and short or indeed midi skirts. principally, you shouldn't wear tight clothes that reveal your angles or your bare skin. I've seen women wearing loose t- shirts in Islamabad and at promenades but not in other corridor of the country. 

 Wear dress shirt( full sleeves rather with tie) and trousers( dress and cotton pants only). Wearing jeans isn't allowed in any case. During the summer, a partial sleeves dress shirt or backcountry shirt can also be worn but t- shirts of all types aren't allowed. 

 Stylish Popular Jeans Brands in Pakistan 

  • Kayazar. 
  •  H&M. 
  •  Zara. 
  •  Diesel Jeans. 
  • EDC. 
  •  Mango Jeans. 

Pakistan has the alternate-stylish quality cotton in the world, vended for around 20- 25 lower than in other Asian countries. It's the sixth- largest cloth exporter, and fabrics and apparel make up about 57 of the country's total 


Largest Exporter of Pakistan

 Nishat Group/ Mian Mansha ( Worth$5.57 billion) 

 After 1979 mansha established the Largest Textile Complex setting up about 7 cloth manufactories in the megacity of Faisalabad named nishatabad, being the largest exporter of Pakistan with exports over$ 1 Billion. 

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